Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Slide (stylised as SLiDE) is an Australian drama series on the Fox8 subscription television channel. The series follows the exploits of five teenagers making their way into adulthood in the city of Brisbane, Australia. The series premiered on the 16 August 2011.
SLiDE tells the story of five Brisbane teenagers making their way from school to adulthood. Tammy and Ed have been friends since they were five years old. Luke knows Ed from scouts and school, but he moves in a different crowd. Eva is at school with them but she keeps to herself. They all spend their weekends in The Valley, seeing music, going to parties, stealing experiences they’re not yet entitled to. When Scarlett arrives from Melbourne an unlikely friendship grows between the five.
Episodes: 01 | 02 (mirror, mirror 2) |  03 (mirror, mirror 2)
04 (mirror, mirror 2, mirror 3) | 05 (mirror, mirror 2)
 06 (mirror, mirror 2) | 07 | 08 (mirror) | 09 (mirror) | 10 (mirror)

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