Monday, January 30, 2012

Skins Music: 6.02 Rich

.zip: 10 mp3's | File size: 72,3 MB


1. Filthy Woman - Fuck Norris (! missing)  Found: [Download]
2. It's Alright Follow - Kankouran
3. Broken Clock - Challenge
4. East Harlem - Beirut
5. Walking On Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves
6. Don't You Worry - Lucy Rose (! missing)
7. Easy Lover - Phil Collins
8. Black Water - Apparat
9. Lorena - Guadalupe Plata
10. Put You on the Game - The Game
11. We Are One - Fuck Norris (! missing) Found: [Download]
12. You Tell Me - Boddika
13. Vessel - Segal (! missing) Found: [Download]
14. Black Water - Apparat


  1. Look, I FUCKING LOVE YOUUUU!!! this is brilliant, I've been looking for these downloads for ages. I dreamed about nights with skins soundtrack, a few fags and a couple of beers with a friend or two. SO I REALLY DO LOVE YOU! But I wonder if you could upload the older seasons soundtracks somewhere else, since megaupload got down. I would forever greatful.

    1. I've lost the other soundtrack. And totally lost the soundtrack of series 2 of Skins, because of Megaupload. Sorry. Glad you liked the other soundtracks, enjoy!

  2. Hi! I wanna ask you what does "(! missing)" mean? I've been looking for "We are one by Fuck Norris" mp3 but I'm afraid it isn't included in that pack.

    1. the "(! missing)" means that the mp3 is not in the .zip or I didn't find it on the internet~.

  3. Thanks for the great work! Wanted to pass a link for a missing tracks. "Don't You Worry" by Lucy Rose can be found at Thanks again!

  4. Can you reupload songs from fuck norris? pls